Free Facebook Earned Media Value Report from ShareIQ

Do you know how much your earned media is worth? 

Paid media on channels like Facebook have become less transparent and reliable for engaging with your audiences. Earned media is the only way forward for brands in competitive markets.

ShareIQ, the earned media performance platform for brands, helps marketers optimize earned media the same as they do owned and paid media. For the first time, ShareIQ gives you a free tool to measure earned media marketing. Now you can put a dollar value on earned media programs, and all of your PR, content, social media and influencer campaigns.



Take Action with your Facebook Earned Media Value Report

Earned Media Value is your New KPI. 

Get your free Facebook ShareIQ Earned Media Value Report today.

Measure earned media like paid media.
Discover new earned and paid
media optimization opportunities.
Benchmark campaigns against key KPIs.

Getting insights is easy as 1-2-3. 

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