ShareIQ Launches First Image Performance Platform for Digital Marketing; Opens First US Office

Thomas Burg, COO

July 06, 2017 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK & BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ShareIQ today launched the first image performance platform to provide full transparency on how branded visual content engages consumers across social media platforms and publishers. With three billion images being uploaded to the web every day, the software-as-a-service solves a growing problem facing brands: the lack of visibility in how, where and why their visual content is seen and shared across the web. By identifying, tracking and anticipating how images lead to engagement and action, ShareIQ enables brands to measure and optimize their visual content.

Through the deployment of proprietary image DNA technology, ShareIQ has analyzed and indexed more than 750 billion digital brand images. The platform creates in-depth performance analyses on both owned and competitive images so that brands can discover exactly what visual images, be it theirs or their competitors’, inspire influencers and drive social trends. Launch customers include Tommy Hilfiger, a second leading designer lifestyle brand, an international food and beverage company and a global high-end automotive manufacturer. In addition, the Berlin-based company has opened its first US office in New York City.

“Our goal at ShareIQ is to give our customers a three-dimensional view of image activity and to help them understand how visual content is posted, shared and discovered across the Internet,” said Brian Killen, founder and CEO, ShareIQ. “We can show you what worked yesterday or last month and, more importantly, what’s going to work tomorrow. At the CMO level, ShareIQ is a must-have solution that enables marketing teams to benchmark against competitors´ image performance and optimize their ad spend and brand investments.”


ShareIQ Product Offerings

ShareIQ Analytics Platform

The ShareIQ analytics platform helps marketers understand when, where and how visual content engages consumers across social media platforms and publishers. The system focuses on visual content performance, providing insight on which specific images, tags, platforms or publishers perform best for a brand and its competition. Within the platform, a ‘Share Tree’ feature reveals the people and publishers that make the biggest impact to enhance influencer marketing efforts as well as the distribution strategy of future content. Brands can quickly map the universe of those who post and share images to influence others.

ShareIQ Custom Audiences

Visual content now creates a demonstrable discover-to-buy pathway, and with ShareIQ, marketers for the first time can flexibly build custom audiences of viewers, posters or sharers of images. Within the platform, brands can simply search by image, collection, brand or keyword to create preferred audiences. Through company partnerships, these audiences are then matched to anonymous cookie IDs for targeted digital advertising.

About ShareIQ

ShareIQ is image performance SaaS for brands, helping brands measure and optimize their visual content, and benchmark their competitors. Co-founded by Brian Killen and Bernhard Weisshuhn, the company provides brands with unique and actionable insights on the performance of visual content across social media platforms and publishers. At its heart, ShareIQ is a powerful analytics and targeting platform to identify, discover and understand how visual images are seen and shared online. Brand marketing teams who oversee earned, owned and paid media work within the ShareIQ platform to better understand how images lead to action, engagement, influence and purchase. Discover more about us at



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Company Helps Brands Measure, Analyze and Optimize the Performance of Their Visual Content Across Social Media Platforms and Publishers
Thomas Burg, COO
Thomas Burg, COO

Thomas is the COO for ShareIQ, and is based in New York City