ZDNet: ShareIQ launches feature to help brands visualise influencer value

Jonathan Gardner

This article was published by ZDNet on September 13, 2017

Brands are looking for a higher degree of clarity about the true nature of influencers' relationships with audiences. They want to know exactly who is sharing content, how, and why content it is being shared, and they want to get a true measure of value for the influencer marketing budget.

In short, they need access to the right data about influencers at the right time. This is key to enabling them to use platform insights and take rapid action.

New York-based image performance platform ShareIQ has introduced a set of enhancements to its influencer tools dashboard to give marketers the high level of visual communication and data visualization that they require.

It has enhanced its visualisation and utility components with example images that influencers have shared. Data sorting is available by social platform, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

This enhancement is intended to give marketers a real-time view of what is being shared, where and by whom.

ShareIQ launches feature to help brands visualise influencer value ZDnet
(Image: ShareIQ)

The dashboard also has the ability to drill down to get specific data about content and influencers. It helps identify who has authentic engagement, guiding influencer marketing strategies.

It can also get a real-time view of the connections among their audiences and their competitors' audiences, who influences whom, and when and how they've shared visual content.

Brands that want to get their content shared and engaged will need to get sophisticated about how it is being shared by audience members who have influence and can create engagement and create viral content.

A comprehensive dashboard that delivers insights and gives access to specific data is all the CXO needs to justify budget spending across an organisation.

Brand marketers will now be able to visualise the true value of their influencer marketing with the ShareIQ influencer marketing tool
Jonathan Gardner
Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan is vice president of marketing for ShareIQ, based in New York City.