Purpose-Built for Brands: 
The First Image Performance Platform
The ShareIQ dashboard provides a composite view of image performance – trends in engagement, audience size and influencer reach. Your top images, publishers and influencers are named and ranked as well.
Today, the web is increasingly a visual medium. It's becoming much more show, much less tell. ShareIQ is built to take advantage of this long-term shift, enabling brands to measure, analyze and optimize the performance of their brand imagery across the internet.

The platform pinpoints the moments of discovery that brands strive for, so you can then understand when, where and why your best images get shared. You’ll understand who influences the most awareness of your brand, so you can take action on trends as they start.
Better yet, ShareIQ lets you also dive fully into the performance of your competitors’ visual content, enabling you to gain in-depth insight into what is – and isn’t – working for your most important competition. Savvy brands understand that their best brand images can turn consumers into fans, and fans into customers.

ShareIQ was built for brands to take full control of their visual content strategy.
Better understand month-over-month trends in engagement, audience size and growth of your influencer population.
Closely monitor your best performing images, web publishers and social influencers.
Benchmark competitors’ image performance to better evaluate your own visual content strategies.
ShareIQ enables you to track several of your competitors to understand how they’re engaging audiences and influencers. You can compare your own performance across the time ranges you select.
Apply these insights to your paid, owned and earned media strategies to set yourself apart from the pack.
Who are your most important sharers and influencers?
Through ShareIQ Share Trees, you’ll be able to understand – as granularly as you like – who is promoting your brand and its products the most. By seeing who shares and engages with your content, you can create influencer marketing and targeting strategies that rely on data, not guesswork.
Build custom audiences of those who have viewed, liked, posted or shared visual content, using the flexible tool in the platform. 
You'll be able to create as many segments as you like to get to the reach your campaign requires.
On what platforms do you perform the best?
Does the audience you want to reach live where your content team posts your content, or are there better options?
Where does your visual content perform best and least?
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