Custom Audiences

Today, brands recognize that great visual content creates social engagement, a strong purchase signal. The challenge to date has been how to capture these signals of intent in an actionable way.


ShareIQ brings to market a digital advertising solution for paid media teams to target people who have viewed, liked, shared or posted specific visual content.


Target custom audiences who have seen or engaged with your visual content

Use your visual content to connect your owned, earned and paid media strategies

Create a measurable 'discover to buy' pathway around your visual content

How to get started

Within the platform, brands create new audiences of content viewers and engagers by searching by keywords or descriptors matching to visual content in the ShareIQ system. With over 750 billion images and counting ingested into our system, you’ll find it easy to create highly scaled segments. 

With help from our partners, these social media profiles of content engagers are matched to email addresses and then to anonymous cookie and mobile device IDs for targeted digital advertising.

Working with your analytics or ad server partner, you can set up tags or conversion pixels to measure how effective your visual content is in driving site visits and product purchases. Best of all, you’ll close the loop between discovery and purchase.

It’s a simple three step process:


Search keywords or descriptors of interest to you and the system will retrieve all images in the database that correspond to those search terms. In this case the search is for Hilfiger Denim images from June, 2017. 

The system returns the total audience of viewers (those who have seen content associated with your search) and engagers (those who have liked, posted or shared this content).

It’s a simple three step process

Next, the system will return the total number of people who have seen or engaged with content associated with those search terms.

Name that audience segment and hit OK. (If you need to build a bigger audience, continue to build segments – you can create as many as you like)

 Custom Audiences

Once the segment(s) are created, you can hit ‘Distribute Audience’ to get the ball rolling – we will work with you to pass these segments to your data management platform (DMP) of choice.