Winter is Coming, is Your Data Strategy Ready?

Thomas Burg, COO

Summer is over, winter is coming and marketers need to get ready for Q4 and the holiday shopping season. Luckily, brands, retailers and ecommerce players looking for an edge in the fight for sales have a new weapon on hand: ShareIQ Custom Audiences.

Brands recognize that great visual content creates social engagement, which can be a really strong purchase signal. But here's the problem, the same brands have told us that it's easier said than done to capture those signals of intent in an actionable way. The good news is is we've figured out how to address this concern and we've brought a solution to market.

This new product allows paid media teams to target people who have viewed, liked, shared, or posted specific visual content. These audiences are from first-party data of those who are viewed or engaged product images from brands or their competitors.

There are three key benefits for brands choosing to use ShareIQ Custom Audiences:

  1. You'll be able to use your first party social sharing data unique to Share IQ to create custom audiences.
  2. You're going to target those who have engaged with visual content, be it yours or your competitor's.
  3. You'll be able to track conversions, and for the first time close the visual content discovery to purchase loop.

With budgets being set right now for campaigns around the holiday shopping season, being able to target those who are engaging with visual content opens up a brand-new strategy for discovery, awareness, and ultimately purchase.

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Brands, retailers and ecommerce players have a new weapon on hand: ShareIQ Custom Audiences.
Thomas Burg, COO

Thomas is the COO for ShareIQ, and is based in New York City