Turn Facebook Likes into Revenue Love

Jonathan Gardner

The web is becoming increasingly visual. For marketers like you, this means the images you choose to tell your brand’s story are more valuable than ever. Because across the web, visual content is opening doors for people to discover your brand every second.

And those who discover, share. Those who share, influence. Then those who influence, start trends that make others want to buy your products.

But then, how does your team measure who and what is driving this engagement? And then how do you act on it? Until now, you couldn't. ShareIQ is the first platform to map and reveal insights on the entire pathway from branded image discovery to product purchase. No more guessing about the R.O.I. for your visual content or the value of your earned media.

ShareIQ allows brand marketers to analyze their image performance everywhere across the web, and on social media, and to take action on those insights.

Learn who is seeing and sharing your brand’s visual content. Pinpoint the influencers driving discovery, consideration and purchase. And then use that ShareIQ audience data to take action, target and deliver messaging to those same people who’ve engaged with your content, wherever they go -- across any sites, platforms, screens or devices.

Now you can use your images to connect your owned, earned and paid media strategies. Even better, ShareIQ enables you to track your competitors’ too. Now, maximizing the value of your earned media is easy.

To learn more, request a demo today. We can’t wait to show you who’s engaging with your content.

The images you choose to tell your brand’s story are more valuable than ever
Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan is vice president of marketing for ShareIQ, based in New York City.