Top Tips for Winning with Social Media Content

Thomas Burg, COO

ShareIQ has just released the first industry benchmark report on visual content, and I wanted to share some perspective from one marketer to another.

We are in the midst of massive generational shifts in retail strategy and retail customer experience. As a category, fast fashion is the first in the foxhole, and how it tests approaches to these retail shifts will have profound implications for other retail and apparel sectors. And so I want to share my top three takeaways from this report.

First, brands have to start strongly considering a digital-first strategy. The resonance of their brand will have a lot to do with the emphasis they put on visual content: what it looks like, where it’s being posted, by whom it’s being shared, and how frequently it’s being posted.  

Second, brands have to start really measuring the impact of earned media on generating discovery, awareness, new fans and new customers. Brands are overweight on paid and owned media and it’s time to rethink the mix. Visual content is a huge driver of earned media value, and CMOs need to put weight behind their visual content -- what it looks like, where it’s being posted, by whom it’s being shared, and how it’s leading to purchase.

And, third, test what is right for you. You’ll understand how to arrive at your brand’s visual content sweet-spot by trying out different social media platforms, testing frequency of posting, understanding who is really driving influence around your brand, and what types of content drive the most engagement. It’s not too late to get started, but you have to get started soon.

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ShareIQ's report on the fast-fashion industry gives marketers critical insights for success
Thomas Burg, COO

Thomas is the COO for ShareIQ, and is based in New York City