ShareIQ Launches Competitive Analytics Tools for Brands

Jonathan Gardner

ShareIQ, the visual content performance platform for brands, is today launching a suite of analytics tools that for the first time give brands insight about content performance within their industry category. ShareIQ Competitive Analytics features an intuitive dashboard and workflow that lets marketers compare how their visual content performs and how consumers engage with it across Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and around the web. The new tools enhance the ShareIQ platform, which marketers use to understand how and where their content is engaged with and to turn social media likers and sharers into actionable, targetable audiences. Brands can now not only visualize their own performance but how they rank in relation to their competitors’ social media campaigns.

For example, in this analysis of the sneaker and sports apparel category for September, 2017 (in the clip above and at the top of the page), ShareIQ Competitive Analytics show that regardless of recent scandals that could impact the brand, Adidas is performing well across all platforms. At the same time, Under Armour has been struggling to get engagement across Instagram, Pinterest and around the web -- getting outpaced by its rivals. Instagram is by far the best place for any these sports brands to get engagement, with Adidas and Nike hitting millions of engagements per day as opposed to below 12,000 on Pinterest and Tumblr. Meanwhile, although Tumblr is not the engagement machine it once was, Under Armour hasn’t posted to the platform in quite a while, leaving the field to Nike and Adidas. The Instagram and Pinterest interaction spikes you see here demonstrate the value of these analytics, showing how brand marketing activities such as campaign launches impact activities across channels.

Marketers can set any timeframe for engagement comparisons, giving them one view that tells how visual content performed, was engaged with and went viral. The insights here can easily be plugged in to connect and inform campaigns across the marketing organization, to get deep insights, for example, about how a competitor’s digital campaign launch may have impacted shares on Instagram and vice versa. This new analytics capability not only delivers key marketing data about how social media, influencer marketing and earned media campaigns are performing, but it helps teams collaborate and ask new questions that can help sync up programs and enhance overall marketing ROI.

ShareIQ Competitive Analytics’ key benefits for marketers include:

  1. Analysis of engagement with visual content across Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.
  2. Benchmarking of brand performance vs. any other brand or set of brands.
  3. Customizable histograms to track content performance over any time frame.
We're launching a suite of analytics tools that for the first time give brands insight about visual content performance within their industry category
Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan is vice president of marketing for ShareIQ, based in New York City.