Putting Marketer Challenges in Focus

Jonathan Gardner

A couple of years ago, our company’s founder was speaking with the head of digital marketing at Macy’s, who said the retailer spends millions of dollars a year on visual content but had no idea how any of it was being seeded or shared and what the impact was for their business. From this conversation came our mission, focused on solving an important, but previously overlooked, problem for brands.

While there has been a lot of talk about image intelligence and logo recognition recently, ShareIQ has uniquely built an unparalleled platform that can identify an image instantaneously and use that information to allow a marketer to take action.

We work with brands that invest in visual content, social media marketing and influencer programs but find themselves not able to take full advantage of that investment. For example, before they became a client, Tommy Hilfiger was at a loss to determine how their visual content was performing, who the biggest influencers were, what publishers delivered the right audiences, and how that all tied back to helping to sell their apparel.

We give brands an entirely new view into how earned media assets perform. The ShareIQ platform helps marketers see how competitors’ content is performing in relation to their own. It provides a new, independent check and balance on content creators: agencies or in-house teams. The data and insights gleaned can then be put to work building custom audiences that can be exported to guide paid media strategy.

From the use cases and benefits our customers report, it is clear that there are a great many future possibilities for the development of our technology. Understanding how visual content is engaged with will only become more crucial for brands and will always be core to our success. Helping marketers close the discover-to-buy loop is a billion-dollar challenge and ShareIQ is up for it.

Check out this video to learn how we help brands turn social media engagement into sales.

Our mission is focused on solving an important, but previously overlooked, problem for brands.
Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan is vice president of marketing for ShareIQ, based in New York City.