Make Your Earned Media More Accountable

Jonathan Gardner

With social media and influencer marketing becoming predominant, brands are asking how they can make earned media as accountable as paid media. ShareIQ has built the only platform that gives marketers the true ROI of their visual content across all earned media channels.

Digital advertising has proven inadequate for closing the discover-to-purchase loop. Meanwhile, big CPG companies are losing market share, getting beat up by challenger brands that have found smarter ways to connect with consumers. Without the budget to throw at friction-filled digital channels, these upstarts focus instead on creating engaging content and leveraging earned media channels to get it in front of audiences. It’s clear that for brands that want to grow, the future of consumer engagement will be ruled by earned media.

The marketers we work with find that social media and influencer marketing help them avoid digital advertising’s easily ad-blocked path. They’ve learned how to get messages in front of consumers who connect with branded content as a matter of course while swiping through selfies. Brands in categories such as fashion and footwear, automotive, cosmetics, food and beverage and CPG have always put visual content at the center of their marketing. It’s human nature to be visually driven and brands that optimize for that can build viral campaigns and connections across social media networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and around the web. But until recently, marketers were pretty much in the dark when it came to knowing the value of all that consumer engagement.

ShareIQ recently released tools and software that make earned media -- PR, influencer marketing and social media -- as measurable as paid media. Earned media value (EMV) is superior to any of the metrics reported by the individual social media networks, as it combines the most valuable signals to calculate a single KPI. It’s the equation of all of likes and shares and comments on the platforms and it helps brands value the activities of each against the other and examine the impressions that matter to the bottom line.

We also launched a new product that for the first time gives marketers an instantaneous self-service report on the value of their earned media marketing on Facebook. Brands no longer need to worry about not knowing the ROI for their social media campaigns.

The free ShareIQ Facebook Earned Media Value Report creates a report for each Facebook page you select for analysis. The analysis is run using impression data obtained from Facebook directly.

The tool does one simple thing: every month, it calculates the EMV your page contributed to your visual brand. It aggregates all impressions on brand visuals that you published during that month and reports the financial value of these impressions. You can control the CPM of earned media impressions that should be applied and select the best one for your brand.

The free ShareIQ Facebook Earned Media Value Report allows brands to:

  • Measure earned media like paid media
  • Discover new earned and paid media optimization opportunities
  • Benchmark campaigns against key KPIs
  • Explore new ways to create brand discovery

It’s clear that earned media will grow as a critical channel for consumer/brand engagement. The brands that can quantify the ROI of that channel will own the future of marketing.

Check out the latest on our new earned media measurement tool

ShareIQ has built the only platform that gives marketers the true ROI of their visual content across all earned media channels
Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan is vice president of marketing for ShareIQ, based in New York City.