Is Your Visual Content Ready for Cyber Monday?

Thomas Burg, COO

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly upon us, so it’s way too late to augment your set-in-stone holiday marketing strategy, right? Wrong. It’s always time to optimize! Marketers can now take advantage of new tools to dig deep and optimize social media programs and increase ROI on the fly.

Brands really need to pay attention to their social media audiences during critical shopping seasons. A recent study showed that one in three of these Instagramming, Pinterest-pinning shoppers spend three times as much as everyone else. The key is identifying the right audiences and strategy to reach these shoppers. And, tons of these shoppers are hitting your online and social media platforms during the hyper-holiday-shopping weekend: wouldn't it be great if you could act on all of that interaction immediately?

Luckily, ShareIQ has you covered. We’ve developed technologies that help brands optimize their social media content and enhance the value of their investment in earned media. Are you running influencer marketing campaigns across social media platforms? Our Influencer Tools give you deep insights about who is sharing what, when and where. Are you in a hyper-competitive industry like apparel, home goods or CPG? Our Competitive Analytics dashboard shows you what the other guys are doing and how to beat them at their game. Best of all, we’ve made it possible to turn earned-media engagement (all those likes and re-pins) into paid-media strategy. ShareIQ Custom Audiences is the first tool that closes the discover-to-buy pathway from platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, taking engagement data and turning it into audience segments to use for targeted advertising.

The following are some holiday marketing best practices we’ve developed from working with top brands across a range of industries:

Better Together

The key for the holiday season is to make sure your best visual content is utilized across social media platforms and posts. We’ve seen that Instagram is a great way to drive awareness and Pinterest is a great way to drive action. We recommend you optimize your tactics on both. That's something you can get started on now and have it pay off all through the new year.

It’s important that brands get the highest performance from all their channels working in concert  at a crucial time like Q4. With the ShareIQ platform, marketers can discover how a post performed over a period of time and what influence it had. They can then connect that with paid and earned channels: creating new content and promoting existing high-performers through ads. Did an influencer-seeded post suddenly go viral? It should be integrated into your paid campaigns. Do you want to do ad targeting and remarketing off social platforms based on who shared your posts? We have a tool that lets you use that data for maximum holiday engagement.

Under the Holiday Influence(r)

For many marketers, influencer programs are a major part of the brand discovery process. You should be engaging them throughout the shopping season, getting into their hands the content you want seeded on social platforms. Tools like ShareIQ’s can help you identify the right micro- and macro-influencers to increase engagement with your visual content.

You Down with UGC?

The best-performing brands break out their visual content strategy between brand-generated and user-generated content (UGC). Historically, user-generated content is slightly more trustworthy. Smart marketers make sure to not only post really visually appealing brand-generated content, but they are constantly on the lookout for the UGC that's getting the most likes and shares. Incorporating this content into your influencer strategy can be quite powerful, all year long.

It’s never too late to start optimizing your social media content to get more from your budget. Following these strategies can help you avoid a nasty holiday marketing hangover.

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Marketers can take advantage of new tools to optimize social media programs and increase ROI on the fly
Thomas Burg, COO

Thomas is the COO for ShareIQ, and is based in New York City