How a Top Brand Found New Earned Media Value

Jonathan Gardner

A global beverage company is embracing innovation and finding new ways to use earned media to drive consumers along the discover-to-buy pathway.

Challenger brands threaten the dominance of incumbent leaders in categories like CPG, fashion and retail. These smart, savvy young brands see the value in a focus on contemporary, efficient strategies like earned media, social media and influencer marketing.

Our customer base includes large, established brands, as well as newer ones. What they have in common is a conviction that the future of their brands will be won by making earned media strategies a more measurable, accountable and integrated part of their marketing programs. Brands we work with see that it’s critical to know as much about earned media performance as they do about their paid media.

For example, this beverage company, like many of its peers, faces a shifting competitive and consumer landscape. They use the ShareIQ platform to visualize how their visual content performs, which influencers are sharing content and driving more earned media value. Through our Custom Audiences product, they have the capability to target and retarget people who engaged with their content -- or their competitors’ content -- across social media networks and across the web.

This CPG leader is now able to get deep insights about the value their earned media is creating for their brands.

  • They use these insights to see what’s working, what’s not and why.
  • This helps them to plan more of what’s working, informs their content creation and how they distribute and seed that content across the web.
  • They can determine if influencers provide any value in giving that content a longer life and greater earned media value. They understand how influencer content can be repurposed across social media both within a platform and across platforms.
  • They learned that the brand content they create is generates value when they post it from their own social media channels, but that content creates greater value when it’s posted and moved from websites, to blogs, from Pinterest to Instagram and back again. This is value they didn’t know they were creating, and they can use these insights to evaluate their investments in visual content and guide future strategy.

What really made an impact is what the ShareIQ platform revealed about which channels create the highest value for this beverage giant. They were able to see that their content -- like product images and DIY posts -- was very effective on Pinterest, far outperforming other channels. Instead of viewing each piece of content simply as a post that goes up on social media, gets shared a bit and fades into obscurity, we provide a window into the lifetime value of content, as it’s shared across networks and helps to build value among new groups of consumers.

Brands that work with ShareIQ have access to all of the insights and analytics that tell the story of how their earned media visual content is performing across social media and on publisher and blog sites. We do this through our unique, proprietary technology that is like a reverse-image search on steroids. We spent the last couple of years building this software and have downloaded and indexed a trillion images across the web.

We’ve made this our mission because we’re in a time where it’s critical for brands to know who is engaging with which content, where and when they are engaging with it, and what value is being created.

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A global beverage company is embracing innovation and finding new ways to use earned media to drive consumers along the discover-to-buy pathway
Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan is vice president of marketing for ShareIQ, based in New York City.