Here’s How to Close the Loop with Earned Media

Jonathan Gardner

Every marketer wants to find new customers, motivate repeat business from customers and target their competitors’ shoppers. But did you know that ShareIQ software can help you turn people who engaged with your social media content into audiences for prospecting, retargeting and conquesting?

The traditional view of earned media -- influencer marketing, social media, blog posts or press coverage -- is that it helps generate awareness but isn’t really measurable or accountable and certainly doesn’t result in sales. That’s certainly true for brands that have their content engagement siloed from their paid media. However, the marketers we work with get deep insights and analytics about their social media engagement and then connect their earned and paid media campaigns.

Digital advertising has proven inadequate for closing the discover-to-purchase loop. That’s why bringing earned and paid channels together makes sense. It begins by understanding who is engaging with your earned media content; and how, when and where they engage with it. Maybe you work with influencers and they were able to get your audience to share or react to a post. Is that the end of the road of engagement? We make it possible to create audience segments out of people who saw your brand’s content on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Every marketer is searching for new first-party data, and now you have some that can be tremendously valuable. If someone likes or shares your brand’s visual content, that’s a pretty strong indication of interest and affinity for the brand and your products. You then have segments to target your fans (or your competitors’ fans) with marketing messages. Through your data management platform (DMP) and ad tech partnerships, you can target one-to-one or build lookalike segments. Now you can prospect, retarget and conquest based on engagement with your social media and influencer marketing content -- and you can use those audiences across every media channel and platform, extending the reach of your earned media and closing the loop with follow-on messaging.

Brands increasingly look to earned media engagement to supplement the marketing value of digital advertising. Challenger brands have been eating big incumbent companies’ lunch and one way is by being less reliant on paid media. Earned media has become the preferred way for upstarts to get their message in front of audiences who may normally block paid ads online. We believe that paid and earned media should work in lock step to help brands build awareness for them and their products, connecting consumers with opportunities to purchase.

Nearly every brand uses both paid and earned media channels. However, a marketer is leaving ROI on the table if they don’t have the full scope of insights and analytics about their content’s performance on social media channels. Once you have the deep level of insights about who is engaging with your content, when and where they are engaging with it, then you have the insights to inform new actions throughout your marketing stack.

Getting your brand content in front of the right audience, on the right channel at the right time is now the highest-stakes challenge for marketers.


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ShareIQ helps turn people who engaged with your social media content into audiences for prospecting, retargeting and conquesting
Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan is vice president of marketing for ShareIQ, based in New York City.