Here's How Smart Brands Get Earned Media ROI

Brian Killen, CEO

We've just released important research that's the first of its kind, based on data from the ShareIQ platform. ShareIQ looked at the super-competitive fast-fashion retail category to identify which major brands have the winning strategies for social media. This report is valuable for marketers in any hyper-competitive industry, as it shows how any brand can get more value from their investments in earned media and visual content.

We found that H&M and Forever21 had the smartest, most successful strategies for connecting with consumers across Pinterest, Instagram, and around the web. In fact, the marketing team at H&M is getting more than 20 times the engagement for every image they produce. We work with major brands across retail and e-commerce and the strategies they follow to succeed on social media are backed up by the data in this report. The brands that get very high engagement with their content are the ones that focus on great creative and seeding strategies.

For creative, what succeeds now in the always-on era is textured images with Instagram-style filters. Lifestyle action shots get great engagement. What sucks? What's not working? Old-school e-commerce product images with white backgrounds perform the worst.

A successful seeding strategy is about intelligent distribution. Brands need to be smart and efficient to get their content in the hands of the right influencers and brand advocates who have genuine connections with their audiences. H&M and Forever21, along with Zara, are brands that are getting very high engagement with a very small number of images. They are making sure that the right people are engaging with their content from the very beginning.

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This report shows how any brand can get more value from their investments in earned media and visual content
Brian Killen, CEO

Brian is the founder and CEO of ShareIQ, and splits his time between the Berlin and New York City offices.