Cosmetics Brands Glitter, but who Wins Social Media Gold?

Jonathan Gardner

ShareIQ, the visual content performance platform for brands, today announced the results of an analysis of social media engagement in the hyper-competitive cosmetics market. Brands like Maybelline find that a smart visual content strategy can drive engagement that helps them glitter and shine ahead of the competition in the US $62 billion beauty industry.

In an analysis of top cosmetics brands for 2017 through October 1, Maybelline had very high engagement across the web, outclassing inconsistent social media marketing strategies by the competition on platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. The study was run using ShareIQ Competitive Analytics, which features an intuitive dashboard and workflow that lets marketers compare how their visual content performs vs. any competitive set and how consumers engage with it.

The technology analyzed competition on social media for top brands Maybelline, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Revlon and Lime Crime. For January-October 2017, Maybelline and Lime Crime had the highest cumulative total of likes on Instagram and re-pins on Pinterest, key engagement metrics.

For 2017 through October 1, ShareIQ Competitive Analytics found that:

  1. Maybelline got two-times Lime Crime’s Pinterest engagement, and 25-times Estee Lauder’s;
  2. Lime Crime did very well on Instagram with 46.3 million likes; L’Oreal had 27.4 million;
  3. Lime Crime is getting a high engagement rate (the percentage of followers liking posts) on Instagram. In September, 2017, for example, the brand had a 0.78% engagement rate, versus Maybelline, which was at 0.52%;
  4. Maybelline had nearly 60 million likes on Instagram, 49-times what Revlon got.

For 2017 overall, Maybelline has had a smart strategy to get high interaction with their visual content online, keeping a baseline of fans engaged and then building spikes of excitement with new and influencer content -- earning engagement with new audiences.

For example, the brand saw a huge viral boost after posting an image from influencer model Adriana Lima that drove 290,000 engagements on Instagram.

Cosmetics Brands Glitter, but who Wins Social Media Gold?

As well, Maybelline’s most successful Pinterest image got more than 17,000 engagements through a combination of factors: the right type of “artistic” and unique photo of a makeup color palette and the right timing, around Valentine’s Day.

Cosmetics Brands Glitter, but who Wins Social Media Gold?

ShareIQ Competitive Analytics’ key benefits for marketers include:

  1. Analysis of engagement with visual content across Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.
  2. Benchmarking of brand performance vs. any other brand or set of brands.
  3. Customizable histograms to track content performance over any time frame.

Check out this video for more on how brands can win with ShareIQ Competitive Analytics.

Brands with high awareness and good e-commerce infrastructure need to understand exactly how their product images help people become fans, and fans to become customers.
Jonathan Gardner

Jonathan is vice president of marketing for ShareIQ, based in New York City.