2018 is the Year of Earned Media Accountability

Brian Killen, CEO

If 2017 was the year of the “retail reckoning” rocking the marketing world, in 2018 earned media will reach a place of prominence in the marketing mix. Paid media has become less transparent and reliable for engaging consumers and finding new customers. Major CPG companies face a huge threat from challenger brands. These new brands use marketing strategies that are less focused on traditional advertising and more focused on earned, organic and social channels to drive engagement and market share. We’ve spent the past few years building ShareIQ to help brands navigate those tricky competitive waters. Our overarching goal has been to give marketers deep, actionable insights about how their earned media is performing.

With all the buzz over new gadgets, technologies and marketing software at CES this year, one thing is clear: innovation rules marketing.

Challenger brands are marketing faster and more efficiently with significantly lower advertising budgets while focusing more on efficient earned media engagement. These brands are eating into the dominance of traditional CPG giants that either need to acquire these brands or learn to market the same way the young, upstart challenger brands do.

Consumers find and engage brands differently than they did in years past. Marketers need to adapt to the new discover-to-buy pathway. The brands we work with know it works best to combine paid, owned and earned platforms, but identifying the right mix is key. Marketers have traditionally under-invested in earned media and over-invested in paid and owned channels. Until now there wasn’t a great way to measure earned media. The most effective strategies incorporate all three in a more balanced approach, to create compelling content that is shared with the right people, in the right place at the right time – amplifying program success.

Brands that work with ShareIQ have access to all the insights and analytics that tell the story of how their earned media visual content is performing across Instagram, Pinterest and on publisher and blog sites. We do this with unique, proprietary technology that we built to download and index nearly a trillion images across the web.

The challenges that brands face make it critical for them to know who is engaging with what content. They need to know where and when people are engaging with it, and what value is being created.

Marketers use the ShareIQ platform to see how their content performs, and which influencers are sharing content and driving more earned media value. We now offer an incredible proposition for brands to make their earned media as measurable as their paid media campaigns.

We’ve also made it possible to take action on those insights and create custom audiences. They can target and retarget people who engaged with their content -- or their competitors’ content -- across social media networks and across the web. Brands can now not only make their earned media more accountable, but make it a more optimized component of a comprehensive marketing mix.

Learn more about how brands turn earned media insights into paid media ROI.

If 2017 was the year of the “retail reckoning” rocking the marketing world, in 2018 earned media will reach a place of prominence in the marketing mix.
Brian Killen, CEO

Brian is the founder and CEO of ShareIQ, and splits his time between the Berlin and New York City offices.