Earned Media Creates Strong Engagement Signals. Take Action.

ShareIQ is Earned Media Performance SaaS for brands to extract the full value of their content across the web.


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Why ShareIQ?

As the web becomes increasingly visual, the images that marketers use to tell their story become more valuable.

Across the internet, those images get discovered by consumers every single second – and what happens after discovery is where marketing magic happens.  Those who discover, share. Those who share, influence. Those who influence, start trends. And trends make people take action and buy.

ShareIQ has built the next can’t-live-without-it SaaS platform for brand marketing teams. Never before has a brand marketing team had access to a platform that maps and reveals insights on the entire pathway from image discovery to product purchase.  

ShareIQ gives brand marketers all the tools they need to measure, analyze and optimize the performance of their visual content. Even better, brands can create custom audiences of people who have viewed, liked, posted or shared content to improve engagement with consumers and fans of your brand.

Create Product Discovery and Brand Awareness.

Help consumers discover your visual content and understand how and why discovery happens.

Facilitate Sharing of your Visual Content.

Get the complete view of those who share your content, and where and when sharing occurs.

Arm Yourself with the Right Data.

Learn who creates genuine influence and how to increase engagement.

Pinpoint Visual Content Engagement Trends as They Start.

Your best visual content can create the next engagement trend, helping your content and social media teams be more proactive.

Create Custom Audiences of those who have Seen, Liked, Posted or Shared Visual Content

Within the platform, create ShareIQ Custom Audiences of those who have viewed or engaged with visual content, in order to drive increased engagement and purchase.